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NASL Broker Services Your Trusted Claims Partner

As an established provider of holistic claims solutions in the accident management and repair network industry for nearly 10 years, NASL Broker Services knows what exceptional claims handling and service looks like. As a result of its established relationship with major supply partners and senior individuals within the insurance broker market, we identified that there was an opportunity to create a simple, tech driven claims solution that would give the Broker ‘absolute confidence’ that their most precious commodity, the policyholder would receive immediate pro active claims support in the event of an accident.
This is why we have launched NASL Broker Services!
However, talking about delivering a ‘market leading claims solution’ and delivering one is where the evolution of NASL Broker Services has developed a new and market disrupting way of claims handling. This is why we have engaged and recruited some of the most senior and experienced individuals in the broker, credit hire, and accident management sector. With over 100 years of claims experience, we have access to technical, actuarial, operational, and commercial experience that has enabled us to create and evolve our claims solutions. Our team already understands what ‘good looks like’ when running a claim, however good is not enough and we are committed to constantly evolving our claims solution so that we don’t promise exceptional results, we deliver them!
NASL Broker Services “The future of claims handling, NOW!

Our Ethos

NASL Broker Services believes in maintaining the highest standards in service provision and enhancing the broker's products. We understand that the claims experience directly impacts a broker's brand, and we tailor our services to reflect the ethos of the represented organisation

Customer-Centric Approach

Our mission is to prioritise the customer journey, returning them to their pre-accident status efficiently.
We work closely with brokers to align our services with their ethos and brand, enhancing their reputation.

Service Excellence

Exceptional customer service is ingrained in our culture, from recruitment to ongoing training. We ensure efficient telephone handling, with 90% of calls answered within 20 seconds and an abandon rate of less than 5%.
Our dedicated team of subject matter experts guides clients through the claims process. NASL Broker Services Invest heavily in IT and telephony systems to provide scalable solutions that adapt to our client’s evolving needs.

Data Integration

We collaborate with broker partners through data integration, providing up-to-date client information to reduce call times, instil confidence, and minimise the need for data validation.
At NASL Broker Services, we prioritise your satisfaction, offering tailored claims services with a commitment to excellence, customer centricity, and seamless data integration.

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